Description: you can freely convert youtube video to MP3 file by using Youtube to MP4 converter. Below are all about the tool and how to convert Youtube videos to MP3 by using our converter.

How to convert Youtube video to MP3- Here are all the steps

Our tool is the service that allows the best online video conversion today. Our tool supports converting youtube videos to mp3, mp4, webm, m4v, 3Gp, after conversion, you are allowed to download mp3 from Youtube, convert youtube to mp3. Also you can download high quality music from Youtube videos. Everything is completely free. To find out more, keep reading to know.

Convert youtube video to mp3, mp4 converter- FAQs

Why does my conversion get stuck on initializing?

If you get stuck on initializing, please delete your browser cache. Or you restart your browser to try again. 

Keep in mind that Youtube to MP4 converter service does not work if you turn on AdBlock and antivirus extensions. Make sure to turn AdBlock and antivirus extensions off so that you can use the converting service.

Also, ensure to add the converting download site to the exclusion/whitelist if you see it on your PC desktop (make sure that you use Malwarebytes). By doing this, you can use the converter.

If it still does not work, the final choice is using another browser. In case you are still stuck even when you try another browser, please contact us to get further help.  

Why can’t I see the download button?

If you can’t see the download button, please check again to make sure you turn AdBlock off since converting service only works once you turn it off.

Why do I get an error message?

Because of many reasons, you get an error message. To avoid it, please make sure that:

  • The length of your video does not reach a length limitation of 90 minutes. 
  • Your desired-to-download video is available online (it means you are still able to watch the video even when you don’t log in).

In case you still receive an error message, feel free to contact us to get support.

Why can’t I save files to my iPad or iPhone?

Due to Apple policy, you are unable to save files to iOS devices without using an app. To save files to your iPad or iPhone, you can download the app called “Documents by Readdle” from AppStore, then you will be able to save files to your devices.

Can I change the converted video quality?

No since the quality of converted videos are fixed.

How to download MP3 from Youtube fastest?

  • Step 1: Copy the youtube video link you need to download MP3.
  • Step 2: Enter youtube video URL in download link field.
  • Step 3.Select the sound quality “MP3 High Quality” and press “Get Link MP3”.
  • Step 4: Finally, you select “Download Now” to download Youtube MP3 music to your device.

Convert youtube video to mp3, mp4 converter- FAQs

Other FAQs

Is Youtube an MP3 converter free?

  • It is completely free to convert Youtube to MP3
  • No need to register an account.
  • Fast Youtube to MP3 conversion system.
  • No ads, intuitive interface, simple and easy to use to download MP3 YouTube Online.
  • Unlimited Youtube MP3 downloads and conversions.

How much is the quality of MP3 music downloaded from Youtube, is it high?

  • The tool supports downloading MP3 from Youtube high quality from 64, 96, 128 … up to 320Kbps.
  • You can listen to Youtube to MP3 music before downloading your device.
  • The file size decreased but the quality of Youtube MP3 music did not change.

Is it possible to download Youtube MP3 music on mobile or tablet?

  • Quite possible, our service does not require the device to transfer Youtube music to MP3.Youtube to MP3 
  • You can convert on PC, phone and tablet in web browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Opera … or the default browser. Good support for android devices, iOS listens to Youtube MP3 music when the screen is off.

Do you have to install the software when using MP3 download from Youtube?

This is a Youtube to MP3 converter developed to help users download MP3 on Youtube without having to install, or ask for help from other software.You just need to connect to the Internet, and paste the link to download Youtube MP3.

Where to store Youtube MP3 files after downloading is complete?

Each browser or operating system has its own download file, for the computer you can find a youtube MP3 download file in the “Library” download.On your phone, you will find them in the “Downloads” section.

How do I download MP3 on Youtube from my country?

We strive to provide users with the best experience, support Youtube video download and switch to MP3 in many popular languages around the world including English, French, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Hindi, Chinese, Vietnamese , … make sure to download music from Youtube to MP3 more conveniently.

What is privacy?

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This Privacy Policy reflects the following three things that we strive to maintain to provide you with services on our Services:

  • Your personal data is only collected for service improvement
  • Our website only collect the personally identifying information about you (Online Personal Information) to provide the Service; 
  • Our privacy practice will be very transparent to you.

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Other FAQs

That is all about how to convert Youtube video to MP3. The conversion process is very simple if you use our converter. All you need to do is accept our Terms of service to use our tool. In addition, we introduce some other best tools that you can use to convert Youtube videos to other formats.